Anna-Jackelin Thell

Hey! My name is Anna-Jackelin and
I´m a lipstick and coffee lover. I sometimes find it hard to express myself, like words aren´t enough.

Happiness for me is to be able to express myself through art, whether it is when I´m dancing, drawing or of course acting.  So why theatre? After spending almost 14 years dancing I realised that something had been missing all along. When I started taking theatre classes everything fell into place. At the theatre I´m happy, scared, stressed, brave and completely at home.

In 20 years I imagine myself sitting on a roof top in New York City, with my Oscar-statue and a glass of wine.  Maybe one day it´ll come true, until then all I know is that I need to get to rehearsal because Nikki and Ellen are waiting. 

”Why theatre? Because it happens now. Not yesterday, not tomorrow and never ever again. Just as our lives. Every moment is unique."

(-quote by unknown author)

Height: 164 cm

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: Brown

Size: S

Short resumé

  • 2017 "Tears of a clown"

  • 2016 "JONATHAN"
    - Misha, Noel, Charlie and Elliot,
    "Projekt: Kränkt"
    - The Neutral One, 

  • 2015 "Ingen bär gul skjorta i mörkret"
    - Dancer

    "Fruktansvärda vänner"

  • 2014 "Sannas Sanna Jag"
    - Actor 4 - Sanna, 
    - Jossan

  • 2013 "Bernardas Hus"
    - Martirio,

  • 2012 "En Vampyrberättelse"
    - Claire, 

  • 2011 "Gökboet"/"One flew over the cuckcoo´s nest"
    - Ruckly

  • 2010 "Grease"
    - Chacha
    "Alla mot ingen"
    - The food lady, dancer
    "Fångad i nätet"
    - dancer

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