Is it okay if I share my idea?

Yes, that´s a good idea but...

Those are both good ideas, let´s just check the scheduale one more time!

Who are WE?

 DHMJ - Det Här är Mitt Jobb (This is My Job) is a theatregroup based in Västerås, Sweden. The group consists of three actors,
Ellen Vestermark, Niquita Karlsson and Anna-Jackelin Thell. They work with the ambition to create a lot with a little. 

Our vision is to use theatre and other performing arts to tell old and new stories in our own way. We have been a group since 2014 and we don´t have any plans to ever quit. We are the bosses of DHMJ and we are here to stay.

We hope you want to take part of our journey! 

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